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A Texan is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Setup service terms & conditions of the Artsho Corp.

PC and/or Notebook setup services:

The only system projects undertaken will be those signified
on the requesting company's Purchase Order, which must state:
the P.O. date and number; the service(s) requested; the number
and types of computers/notebooks involved; plus, it must list
both hourly rates for Artsho's travel time and service time.

In all instances, the rate for Travel will include both to and
from the job site, for each round trip made.

The rate for Service will commence upon arrival at the desk of
the receptionist at the site where the units are to be serviced.
The service rate will apply for the serviceman's time onsite
(for service and/or consultation).

Given the serviceman is required to wait for a unit or a unit
is inoperable, the service rate will continue to accrue and
remain in effect, until the company representative (or owner
or owner's agent) releases the serviceman by terminating the
service call for that service visit.

Artsho Corp. will assume no responsibility for pre-existing
or inappropriate PC or Notebook settings or condition(s) of
any computer, peripheral device or software application.

Prior to undertaking any project at the customer's address,
a system restore point will be created on each operating
project computer, given it is XP based and fully operable.

Artsho is not a licensed Microsoft software product vendor.
While Artsho does and will install Office Professional
software, each customer is to acquire their own fully
licensed version(s) prior to making a service appointment.

Artsho does not provide digital editors; however, if a
customer requires that software, we will suggest one
which we have both installed and currently use.

We do not provide any service related to download and/or
installation of Microsoft service patches.


Minimum service time for each service project is one hour.

Placing an order with Artsho does not include any provision 
limiting our business conduct in terms of other customers.

Rates, terms and conditions for Artsho services are subject
to revision with the passage of time, and take effect when
uploaded to the internet.

If making payment by mail: we do not accept personal checks.
Payment must be in USD, payable to Artsho Corp., and sent
to: 6351 Granite St., Houston, Texas 77092-4722

It is the sole responsibility of a customer and/or his
agent to assure that Artsho receives the full, correct
information when the order is initially placed.
Please call in advance of your planned need.

We will address problems after notification of the existence.

Artsho Corp. extends no guarantee or warranty in any terms of
system uptime. Further, Artsho does not offer or assume any
form of warranty or liability related or due to a temporarily
unavailable computer, maintenance of the system(s), hacking,
inaccurately provided data, loss or interruption of service,
business or business revenue.

Ads placed on Artsho Corp. web sites are not endorsements
by Artsho for the advertisers, their product or service.
Artsho does not attempt to validate or verify the info
provided by advertisers or their agents, and accepts
no burden to do so for their potential customers.

Artsho Corp. retains all rights to continue or discontinue
providing service to any customer.  Artsho Corp. does not
relinquish any right in the intent, purpose, application,
use or final choices of exercising its own discretion in
the process of conducting business.

No other agreement, either written or implied, will negate,
supplement or override any element of these conditions and
terms, unless personally signed by the Artsho Corp. owner.

Litigation against Artsho Corp. will be conducted within
Harris Co., governed by US law and of the State of Texas.

Placing an order on any of the web sites made available
by Artsho Corp. is an acknowledged agreement to these
terms and conditions in whole.

Terms as of: 07-23-05
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