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A Texan is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Have us test your AuthorizeNet process
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

We provide online testing service of your AuthorizeNet
process, by means of placing a dummy order, using the
assigned test credit card number, to note the response
a customer may expect from your web site shopping cart.

This test is inappropriate for web sites desiring to:
check an online Mail Order function, process an actual
credit card or explore the AVS verification options.
"Settings" may be to either the Test or Live mode.

An email will be sent within one (1) working day after
we have received a response, if any, from the dummy
order placed through your cart. The email will consist
of the system results transmitted to us from the test.

These are the items we will need to know, which are to
be entered when you complete the following order form:
a. the full internet address of the form to be tested
b. the email address to receive the test results
c. the email subject identifier (if desired)
d. the order amount range of this test 
e. comment related to dummy order.

 Cart test .   Price = $ 16 per AuthorizeNet test order   Of the form at      Email address      Email subject      Order amount   Order comment    

The test can be conducted only to accessible addresses. By placing a dummy order, you acknowledge that this is provided only as a testing means; further, that we are not agreeing to make any actual purchase from the site.

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